Creating Value Through Networks

How can we create more value for each other and do it together? An obvious answer would be – through collaboration. But collaboration is hard to do, it’s a complex and dynamic effort which involves building trust, communication and diversity. Recently, Esko Kilpi wrote an inspiring blog about our communication and responsiveness to others on social networks and how […]

Your Future’s at the Palm of Your Hand

You wish it was, wouldn’t you? We all wish that we could glimpse into our future. Just enough to make us richer/happier/relaxed (choose your own motivation). Our assumption is that by knowing more about future events we could steer away from unexpected outcomes and towards our goals with better efficiency and success. Indeed, in our constantly increasing competitive modern […]

Embrace Uncertainties – Focus, don’t Choose

Managers and leaders are making decisions, that’s just what they do, constantly. Some of these decisions are even matters of life and death. Other professionals do so too -firefighters, pilots and doctors have to make quick, critical decisions while adapting to emerging new conditions. Many times these decision are taken in the uncertainty of having insufficient information, or meeting new circumstances. But […]

Disruption Means Transforming Your Users

Much have been written about disruption as the most profound trend and even as a cultural pattern in today’s world. I want to suggest that disruption, or the idea that whole business sectors and existing technologies and tools are becoming irrelevant and fundamentally changed, in an escalating pace, is linked to our transformation as users of products and services. A transformation […]

Create the rules that will set you free

Can rules set us free? If we think in linear terms that’s sounds absurd. Rules are restrictions, boundaries and limitations, how can they ever increase freedom or present us with new opportunities? But, if we embrace the nonlinear thinking of complex, interdependent and adaptive systems, then rules will start supporting our creativity, innovation and transformation. We’re all trying to cope with growing uncertainty, both around us […]

Use Emergence to counter Emergency

When we deal with the non-linear nature of systems and complexity, we are in for surprises. These systems are dynamic and adaptive so they produce unexpected effects (read more here about using the right tools to deal with complex non linear systems). These surprises can be positive or catastrophic. Many times the choice is ours, especially […]